Libratone Lounge

Maximum sound, minimalistic design. Libratone Lounge is an exclusive wireless sound system for movies and music alike. Stream your favourite tunes with AirPlay, PlayDirect™or DLNA technology directly from iPads, iPhones, iPod touch, Mac, Windows and Android devices. Connects with your TV via analog or digital cable.

  • Patented FullRoom™ technology creates 360° stereo from just one speaker unit.
  • AirPlay for high-resolution wireless audio streaming
  • Libratone PlayDirect™ eliminates need for a Wi-Fi access point
  • Digital signal processing and digital amplification

Available to ship: 1-2 business days

$1,299.95 USD

Free shipping

4.7 (based on 20 reviews)
“very good” i thought the speaker looks and sounds very good i would give this good just before best
Written by on Feb 11, 2014
“awesome 360 degree sound” Great sound..good lows..easy setup..only issue was it needed to have blue tooth technology...5 stars if add bluetooth
Written by on Dec 01, 2013
“Great For Your Digital Lifestyle” I didn't want all the hassle and wires of the typical sound system for the living room, and this fit the bill perfectly. It is incredibly easy to setup and works with the TV, iPhones and iPads without skipping a beat. It also looks great under the TV, more sculpture than sound bar. It fills up the room with sound in our apartment, but some videos/movies don't play loud enough even on max volume. It does take an app to adjust the volume, so it's sometimes a race to find it on my iPhone if I accidentally left it at max volume when I was using it last. Overall, I regret nothing about buying the Libratone Lounge, it was exactly what I wanted for all my devices in my digital lifestyle.
Written by on Aug 22, 2013
“Best looking furniture in my living room!” Tried the Zipp and fell in love - then I just had to get the bigger speaker - Lounge - for my living room. It looks great, the sound is sweet and the whole family loves it for it's ease of use and nice quality. I highly recommend the Lounge speaker.
Written by on Aug 22, 2013
“Not just a speaker, a piece of furniture. ” Yes, you could get a better sounding system for less. Yet the important point in sound quality might not be to sit in one place and just listen to perfect stereo. The claim of 360 sound is not only hyped up marketing speak. It really is more like an acoustic instrument in the way it fills the room. The way I move about the room while listening really makes this speaker sound better than my old stereo system. Not to mention the look of the piece. While a comfy couch might be just fine for sitting on, I think most people would pay a bit more for something that looks good too.
Written by on Aug 20, 2013
“sounds good” hey, clear sound, stylish design! sounds simply good.
Written by on Aug 20, 2013
“Great ease-of-use and support; average value” The setup experience is great. As good as you can get with something that needs to connect to a WiFi network. I found the Lounge to be fairly picky regarding connection quality and it sometimes drops of the network. It is also more expensive than the other product lines. The sound quality beats the Live, but not by much.
Written by on Aug 20, 2013
“looks good sounds good” i got the lounge for my tv-set. 5.1 sucks - so i wanted to get a good looking nice sounding audio unit for my flat screen.
ok there is bose and sonos - but the libratone just looks so much better and it sounds just perfect. yes you can have more of a bass experience with an additional sub but do you really need it? in my opinion the lounge fills my room with the frequencies i need :-)
PS ...... oh almost forgot: you can stream music tooo ;-)
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“Big Sound! ” Wife needs to have a speaker that looks great and I need one the sounds great! The Lounge works for both of us! Also connects to our TV. Great sound from TV for movies and sports. Thank You Libratone!
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“Music in heaven” Simplicity who make tone in heaven
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“Incredible speaker” Love the speaker. Been using it for about a year now. Great quality. Lots of folks ask about it since they've never seen a speaker like that. Once in a while, the airplay will drop, but that's probably not so much the speaker.
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“At last!” I have waited 50 years for the perfect hi-fi system, (and spent a small fortune trying to achieve it!). My wait ended in 2012 when I took a risk and bought my Libratone Lounge. There is nothing not to like! No wires, no fuss, wonderful hi-fi sound with a rich and bright tone and absolutely no plastic involved, (no vinyl, no CD's and with my iTunes library and Spotify, I have all the music that I need and no "stuff" to collect dust. I love the Lounge's minimalist look. It is mounted on my office wall and despite it's size and solidity, the vanilla beige cover merges into the wall colouring. It's almost not there!

Criticisms? Only one. all Airplay speakers, including Libratone Lounge, currently support only 802.11g on the 2,4 GHz radio wavelength. I would prefer 5 GHz to ensure against clutter from other 2.4 GHz devices but, having said that, I have never experienced any connection or stability problems with my Lounge.

It is my 66th birthday in a few days time, but, as you may have realised, I really do not need any presents. Musically, I have everything I need, (thanks Libratone .... seriously). The price of the 'Lounge' is reasonably high but I think it is worth every penny. However, if you are waivering and would like to discuss the detail of my experiences of Airplay generally or the Libratone Lounge specifically, please email me at
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“Amazing high fidelity sound” My Lounge has made me fall in love with music again. The ease with which it streams from my iPad, iPhone, and Mac makes it a constant presence. No drop outs and unparalleled fidelity makes listening to it an immersive experience. When I needed service, libratone's service was unbelievably quick and cost free. I love it.
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“Never take away my freedom!” Right out of the box, the Lounge impressed with its deep rumble and crisp high end. Even though a little miffed about the relatively high price, I was immediately won over as it genuinely plays like a full stereo rack! I have the slate grey Lounge mounted on my wall in the kitchen right under my second TV, where it acts as a bad ass sound bar. I control it via the TV remote by hooking it up via the headphone out and directly to the Lounge - sweet setup with no hassle as it seems perfectly integrated. The rest of the time it act as a full stereo system, where I stream radio and music via Wimp almost non stop via AirPlay. Unfortunately, after a few months, the Wi-Fi module gave out, and I contacted Libratone. At no cost to me, they arrange for DHL to pick up the Lounge the following Monday, and come Thursday, DHL delivered it back to me in repaired condition. This was done to no cost to me, and the absolute least amount of hassle. My communication with the service department and the following shipment, was and is the best experience I have EVER had with ANY customer service department - absolutely flawless and seamless. I give my warmest recommendation of the Lounge to anyone in need of a cool-looking airplay device, that really impresses. So much sound from such a relatively small box. Oh - and the missus loves the fact that there aren't any black blinking boxes disturbing the peace....
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“Fantastic.” I have been using the Libratone Lounge for approximately a year now, and i am super satisfied with it!
The sound is really full and crisp. By far the best audio device / speaker i have owned so far!
The price may be a bit steep, but the money is well spent!
You cannot fault the ease of use and design on the Lounge.
I use it both for playing music directly off my iThings, and also an Internet radio receiver which i have connected to the Lounge with an optical cable. Perfect! Who says you need a full rack and huge speakers for good sound?
If You are considering one, GO FOR IT! :)
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“Freedom” The Libratone Lounge helped me along the road to freedom and self discovery. Minimalist, movement, pleasure, an awakening and NO wires! I have been distracted by clutter all my life, living in chaos, not being able to focus on my true essence and I found Libratone. Thank you
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“Perfect if it could have doubled as a center speaker” I would have liked it even better and given it five stars if it could have doubled as a traditional center speaker in my sorround setup
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
Sound: 5/5
Build Quality: 5/5
Connectivity: 4/5
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“The perfect livingroom” I am using the lounge as a soundbar below my TV and threw out the surroundsystem with speakers, remotes and coords all over the place. The lounge was the one and only option for me to achieve my perfect livingroom media solution with only 1 remote (that controls the TV). When not watching TV i can stream music from my computers/smartphones at any time without needing to select source on some receiver with an extra remote control, and the best of it all is that i looks GREAT. Even my parents can understand the setup when visiting :P
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
“Gone are the monstrous 90s speakers” Forget about your old, vintage speakers.
Go ahead and grab a Libratone Lounge, and prepare to be blown away.

I have both Lounge and Live. Speakers simply don't come better!
Written by on Aug 19, 2013
  • AirPlay - cutting the strings

    AirPlay connection gives you the freedom to move about as you please with your entire music library in the palm of your hand - stream audio wirelessly and effortlessly from iOS devices and Mac/PC.

  • DLNA wireless sound for Android & Windows devices

    DLNA is a widely supported streaming standard that makes Libratone speakers compatible with most Android and Windows devices, enabling them to stream music to Libratone's speakers anywhere, anytime.

  • Optimized for tv

    Optimized to breathe new life into your TV set. A combined 3,5 mini jack/digital mini plug connection ensures perfect audio transfer making Libratone Lounge the perfect companion for your flatscreen TV.

  • Multi-room streaming

    Stream simultaneously to multiple Libratone speakers to fill your house with sound. Control everything in iTunes on your Mac/PC and stream music to up to 6 speakers at a time.

  • Enhance your sound experience

    Download our Libratone app and optimize your sound experience. Feed the app with information and it automatically adjusts the sound to fit the room it's in.

  • PlayDirect™ wireless sound made easy

    PlayDirect is wireless sound straight out of the box. Just press Play on your iOS device or computer to start streaming your music. PlayDirect needs no Wi-Fi network or prior setup. Setting your music free has never been easier.

  • Ease Of Use

    Once AirPlay is set up, all you need to do is make sure Libratone Lounge is turned on. It starts playing, when you press play. Remember: In our world wireless always trumps wires, so the audio you stream overrules the mini-jack connection.

  • No remotes necessary

    With Libratone Lounge you won't have any extra remotes lying around. Everything is controlled from your iDevice, Mac/PC, or even your TV remote (if you connect AUX style through the 'headphone out' on your TV set).