Libratone Loop

The Libratone Loop is freedom of sound and versatile placement, wrapped in fine changeable Italian wool covers. Slim, stylish and wall-mountable, this circular beauty delivers attractive FullRoom audio on a variety of levels.

  • Duo stand and wall mount for flexible placement
  • PlayDirect™ eliminates need for a Wi-Fi access point
  • Wool cover you can change in less than a minute
  • AirPlay and DLNA support for wireless streaming

$499.95 USD

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4.86 (based on 14 reviews)
“Couldn't enjoy my Spotify subscription more” I saw the Libratone Loop the day it was released and I tried to wait for the speaker to appear in a physical store in Aarhus, so I could give it a listen, before ordering it. It was tougher than I thought and I had to give up - so I ordered it before I even had a chance to listen to it.

With great expectation I unwrapped the speaker and the sound is amazing! I don't think I can describe it - you have to listen to it yourself. I love the fact that it is ready to play music whenever I want and my Spotify subscription is finally money well spend.

Ps a great tip is to reduce the LED light to 25%. This can be done in the Libratone App.
Written by on Nov 01, 2013
“Design & Function: First Class!” Wow! Was für ein Klangspektakel - das hätte ich so nicht gedacht. Den Loop habe ich mir gekauft, weil der Loop so ein cooles Design hat und sich bei mir im Office auf eine schlichte - eben typische skandinavische Art - von der besten Seite zeigt. Ein wunderschönes Objekt, welches auch noch tönt! Und das ist der mehr als erwartete Punkt: der Sound füllt den ganzen Raum - als ob da mehr wäre. Gratulation! Eine echt tolle Leistung Libratone-Team!
Written by on Nov 01, 2013
“Great sound and design!” I was already very happy with my Zipp, taking it with me all through the house and outside. But the Loop is ideal for a more stationery setup. Currently it is hanging on the wall in the kitchen. It produces a great sound easily filling the whole space en nicely blending in its environment with the salty grey cover. I love it!
Written by on Oct 30, 2013
“I'm in love” Bought a Loop for my living room knowing it might be a bit small for the purpose. After a relatively smooth installation I first could hear I chose the right speaker - I was amazed about the sound. And it looks great!
Written by on Oct 29, 2013
“Fantastic design and great sound” It looks amazing in our living room, where it replaced a large soundbar with subwoofer.
We are very surprised by the "large" sound from this little speaker. And the Libratone app gives a lot of possibilities for finetuning the sound.
Written by on Oct 29, 2013
“Surprisingly good” I am surprised at how well it's playing. It fills up the entire living room like I have 3 speakers in the room.
Written by on Oct 09, 2013
“Amazing” Just amazing. Beautiful design and perfect sound in harmony.
Written by on Oct 09, 2013
“Smart, handy og fuld af lyd.” Har lige fået min ny Libratone Loop. Den er min nye bedste ven, når jeg skal høre musik. Ydre mere er den super flot at have stående i stuen. Passer godt ind i et morderen hjem. Det er et lækkert produkt. Har også bestilt en Zipp, som jeg glæder mig til at modtage.
Written by on Oct 07, 2013
“Fantastic Sound and Design” After simple Installation, all people are delighted of Libratone Loop and his wonderful Sound!
Written by on Oct 07, 2013
“Great sound and excellent design” I love my new Libratone Loop! It sounds great and looks even better!
Written by on Oct 07, 2013
“Another perfect speaker” Unique design and once more perfect sound. I own a Libratone ZIPP and an Libratone LOUNGE and i think Libratone LOOP is the best small speaker i've ever owned. Many thanks for this great experience.
Written by on Oct 07, 2013
“Here it is the missing one” Sometimes it's worth to wait: this is what I told myself when I found the Loop on the Libratone site. I was just looking for the best ipod speakers balancing design, sound, convenience (directplay!) and that could be wall mounted... here it is! Good job guys!
Written by on Oct 07, 2013
“Vellyd i smukt design” Var ikke tvivl om at Libratone Loop var det jeg ledte efter til min nye stue; passer perfekt ind i et moderne hjem, og leverer et særdeles tilfredsstillende lydtryk til større rum! Jeg sidestiller Loop med et smukt møbel, som blender perfekt ind i indretningen. Genialt med vægbeslaget og omskiftelige covers.
Written by on Oct 07, 2013
“Flot design og fantastisk lyd” Jeg er ovenud tilfreds. Jeg har skiftet min gamle B&W Zeppelin ud med Libratone Loop og det har jeg ikke fortrudt et øjeblik.
Written by on Oct 07, 2013
  • Wall Mount and Duo stand

    The Libratone Loop comes with a wall mount and a duo stand for easy and flexible placement. Place it on the floor, a shelf or a table. Or, mount it on the wall. You never have to worry about sacrificing style to position the speaker perfectly.

  • FullRoom™ acoustic sound

    The Libratone Loop works like an acoustic instrument filling the entire room with sound. The tweeters and midrange drivers disperse sound in different directions, reflecting it off the walls and providing a 360° sound experience. We call it FullRoom™ sound. One sound source is all you need to fill a room with sound.

  • Rainbow Audio

    The Libratone Loop is dressed in Italian wool covers that are quick and easy to change. Extra covers are sold separately in a variety of vivid colors to suit all tastes and interiors.

  • AirPlay Technology

    AirPlay connection gives you the freedom to move about as you please with your entire music library in the palm of your hand. Stream audio wirelessly and effortlessly from your iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac/PC. AirPlay also enables you to setup multi-room systems with iTunes on your Mac.

  • Enhance your sound experience

    Download our Libratone app and optimize your sound experience. Feed the app with information and it automatically adjusts the sound to fit the room your speaker is in and the type of audio it plays.

  • PlayDirect™ - no wires, no worries

    PlayDirect™ is wireless sound straight out of the box, with no need for a Wi-Fi network or prior setup. Just press Play on your iPad, iPod, iPhone or computer to start streaming your music. You can even stream wirelessly from Spotify, Pandora and Internet radio stations. Setting your music free has never been easier.